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Account Terms

  1. You must be 18 years or older or at least the age of majority in the jurisdiction where you reside or from which you use this Service.
  2. To access and use the Services, you must register for a KianiHosting account (“Account”) by providing your full legal name, current address, phone number, a valid email address, and any other information indicated as required. KianiHosting may reject your application for an Account, or cancel an existing Account, for any reason, in our sole discretion.
  3. You acknowledge that KianiHosting will use the email address you provide as the primary method for communication.
  4. You are responsible for keeping your password secure. KianiHosting cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage from your failure to maintain the security of your Account and password.
  5. You are responsible for all activity and content such as photos, images, videos, graphics, written content, audio files, code, information, or data uploaded, collected, generated, stored, displayed, distributed, transmitted or exhibited on or in connection with your Account (“Materials”).
  6. A breach or violation of any term in the Terms of Service, including the AUP, as determined in the sole discretion of KianiHosting will result in an immediate termination of your services.

Terms Of Service


You may not directly or indirectly use the Services in connection with any of the following, as determined in KianiHosting sole discretion: Prohibited Use or Content. You may not use the Services to publish content or engage in activity that is illegal under applicable law, that is harmful to others, or that would subject KianiHosting to liability, including, without limitation, in connection with any of the following, each of which is prohibited under this TOS:


Disclosing sensitive personal information about others;

    1. Phishing or engaging in identity theft;
    2. Distributing computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other malicious code;
    3. Promoting or facilitating prostitution or sex trafficking;
    4. Hosting ponzi or pyramid schemes, or websites that engage in unlawful or deceptive marketing practices;
    5. Hosting, distributing or linking to child sexual abuse material or content that is harmful to minors
    6. Engaging in the unlawful distribution of controlled substances, drug contraband or prescription medications (including without limitation, promotion, marketing, or sale of prescription medications without a valid prescription);
    7. Gambling or selling weapons or ammunition;
    8. Promoting or facilitating violence or terrorist activities;
    9. Infringing the intellectual property or other proprietary rights of others.
    10. Websites dedicated to the discussion of hacking activities or the distribution of hacking tools are prohibited. Also, the usage of KianiHosting`s computer systems or network to access any system, service, or network without the owner’s consent is expressly forbidden.
    11. Any activity which causes service interruptions to either KianiHosting`s network/servers or any outside network. This includes, but is not limited to, the execution of Denial of Service attacks or other maliciously configured software.
    12. Collecting or using email addresses, screen names or other personal identifiers without the consent of the person identified (including, without limitation, phishing, Internet scamming, password robbery, spidering, and harvesting).


You agree that if the KianiHosting IP numbers assigned to your account are listed on an abuse database or blacklist like Spamhaus, you will be in violation of this TOS, and KianiHosting may take reasonable action to protect its IP numbers, including suspension and/or termination of your service, regardless of whether the IP numbers were listed as a result of your actions.

Usage of the KianIHosting network to impersonate another person or entity, be it through Email, Internet Forums, or any other means, is strictly prohibited. This includes spoofing email or network packet headers whether or not it is done for malicious purposes. (Spoofing/Impersonation)

Excessive Use of Resources or Network Abuse. You may not consume excessive amounts of server or network resources or use the Services in any way which results in server performance issues or which interrupts service for other customers. Prohibited activities that contribute to excessive use, include without limitation

Unauthorized System Access. You may not directly or indirectly use the Services to gain access to any network or system without permission, including without limitation:

  • 1. Accessing another network without permission, including to probe or scan for vulnerabilities or breach security or authentication measures;
  • 2. Attacking other networks (e.g., utilizing botnets or other means to launch Denial of Service (DoS) or other attacks);
  • 3. Intercepting or monitoring data without permission;
  • 4. Using any deep-link, page-scrape, robot, crawl, index, spider, offline reader, click spam, macro programs, internet agent, or other automatic device, program, algorithm or methodology, to use, access, copy, index, acquire information, generate impressions or clicks, input information, store information, search, generate searches, or monitor any portion of KianiHosting`s website or servers for any unauthorized purpose.

Your Services may be suspended or terminated with or without notice upon any violation of this TOS. Any violations may result in the immediate suspension or termination of your account. KianiHosting reserves the right to disable or remove any content which is prohibited by this TOS, including to prevent harm to others or to KianiHosting or the Services, as determined in KianiHosting`s sole discretion. A failure to respond to an email from our abuse team within 24 hours, or as otherwise specified in the communication to you, may result in the suspension or termination of your Services. To report a violation of KianiHosting`s TOS, please email [email protected]

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